4 Tips For Staging Your Commercial Retail Space

Posted on: 26 September 2016

When you're trying to lease out your commercial retail space, staging is just as important as if you had your personal residence on the market. The goal is to entice businesses to lease your commercial retail space instead of some other space. But how can you demonstrate how successful their business could be in your space, when it's currently sitting empty? Here are four tips for staging your commercial retail space.

1. Resurface the Parking Lot

The parking lot is where your potential renter will get their first impression of your retail space. If the parking lot is faded, full of potholes, cracked, or strewn with chunks of broken asphalt, they may feel that their customers won't want to visit.

Have the parking lot of your commercial space resurfaced with asphalt before any potential renters arrive to look at the space. A local commercial pacing or asphalt company can likely get it done for you in less than a week once they begin the job.

2. Have Parking Space Lines Repainted

The next step in grooming the parking lot of your commercial retail space is to have the parking space lines repainted. Nice, bright yellow or white lines will show any potential renter that you care just as much about the convenience and safety of their customers as they do. It will also allow you to easily market the absolute number of parking spaces available for your renter's customers.

3. Have the Windows Professionally Cleaned

Dingy or cloudy front windows in your commercial retail space won't allow you to properly show off the curb appeal. Your potential renter will like to see what impression their customers may have when they drive past the location.

Commercial storefront windows are typically quite high and wide. To avoid a poor-quality job that may leave behind spots and stains, opt to have a commercial window cleaning company do the job for you. They'll clean up the windows inside and out, leaving them sparkly and clear for your showing.

4. Consider Parking a Few Sample Cars

Your potential renter may be better able to visualize their potential for a busy store if you park a few sample cars in the parking lot. These cars would symbolize the parking lot after your client moves in and sets up business.

Ask friends or family members if you can borrow their clean, newer model cars to park temporarily in the lot while you show the property.

By using these four tips for staging your commercial retail space, you'll be sure to lease your property out very quickly.