Don't Toss Those Old Blinds! Simple Tricks To Breathe New Life Into Old Window Blinds

Posted on: 24 May 2016

Blinds are an outstanding and highly popular window treatment that can offer inexpensive and simple ways to keep light out our let it in. However, for those who live in a place that features existing blinds that could use a spruce up, here are some tips to ensure that you can keep those old blinds without having to replace them.

Give Them A Thorough Cleaning

It may come as a pleasant surprise to see those dusty, dingy blinds suddenly become sparkling clean. In some cases, as long as the blind slats are intact, you may be able to give them a new life by removing the entire blind and power washing them. If the blinds are white in color, you can also soak them in a weak mixture of bleach and hot water, which can help restore their brighter-than-bright whiteness.

Regardless of how you intend to decorate your window blinds later, they will need to be cleaned first, so be sure to give them a good wash before you do anything else.

Spray Paint Transformation

Believe it or not, for an inexpensive investment in a good quality spray paint, you can actually completely change the look of your blinds. If the blinds are intact, remove the entire panel and hang them up outside so you have access to all of the slats. Begin spray painting from the top to bottom, making sure to move the can slowly and evenly to avoid drips. Once the blinds are dry, you can re-hang them inside for an instant transformation.

Most blinds, regardless of their material, will take well to a good quality spray paint. If you are concerned about your skill in spray painting, you can always use a multi-purpose paint and brush it onto each slat of the blind.

The spray paint option can really allow you to turn old blinds into a stunning window treatment for just a few dollars!

Keep Them Sparkling

Once you have cleaned and/or painted your blinds to give them a new look, be sure to keep them as dust free as possible to keep that "wow" factor going. Once good trick to quickly remove dust is to wipe them down as needed with a dryer sheet. These dryer sheets reduce static cling (which attracts dust in the first place) so you won't have as much dust and debris buildup in the first place.

Follow these simple tips to turn your dingy window blinds into a cherished focal point in your place! To learn more, contact a company like Ardy's Gallery of Window Coverings