How Glass Door Replacement Services Can Give You French Windows

Posted on: 15 February 2016

If you love the look of French doors, then you would probably love the look and feel of French windows. These are not commonly offered by most window and door contractors because they are not especially efficient, but if a customer wants them for restoration projects or decorative purposes, then the contractor can order them. Here is how glass door replacement services are involved with transforming your traditional windows into French windows.

Replacing Your Old Windows, from Start to Finish

1. Because French windows can open inward or outward, the first thing you would need to do is decide which direction you want your French windows to open. If you also want screens on the outside of your windows, then they would have to be crafted and installed to open inward. Your glass door and window specialist can provide you with a video demonstration of what the windows look like when opened in either direction and the clearance needed to open the windows inward (i.e., the amount of room needed to keep the windows from banging into walls, posts, etc.).

2. Then the glass specialist would measure the space you have available for each window. French windows, like their matching doors, need wide/deep frames to support their weight on the vertical axis as the windows open and close. They have heavy, special hinges to keep the windows in place and upright when the windows are open. This may mean that the window frames you currently have may need to be replaced or built up so that they can properly support the windows and have enough of a frame onto which to attach the special hinges.

3. Next, the windows are special-ordered. Some glass specialists have their own factories where they design and construct your windows. When the windows are ready, the glass specialist will arrange a date and time to install your French windows. If additional construction is required to support the windows, the glass specialist may subcontract the job out to a construction contractor before finally installing your windows.

4. Finally, the windows are installed. You should be able to open the latches easily and fold the windows open (either in or out, according to your pre-installation choice). The glass specialist may also test the movement and function of each set of French windows to verify that they are in excellent working order. When all of the windows open and close freely, the transformation and installation process is complete. For more information about glass door replacement or glass window installation, contact a glass contractor in your area.