5 Types Of Storm Shutters To Choose From

Posted on: 8 February 2016

If you live in a location that suffers from severe storms or even hurricanes, you want to consider investing in storm shutters. Not only will these shutters protect your home in the case of a severe storm, but they will also boost your home's value and curb appeal, as well. Storm shutters appear natural and clean on the windows, which make them a great addition to your home and a great way to keep your home more private, as well. Here are five types of storm shutters to choose from:

  1. Rolldown: Rolldown shutters are a great option if you want your home getting as much sunlight as possible when you are not using the shutters. This is because the shutters simply roll up into a box above the windows and you won't even know that you have storm shutters there. When you want to use them, you can simply roll them down by hand, or you can install an automatic switch that will roll down the shutters for you. 
  2. Bahama: Bahama style storm shutters are a great option if your home heats up easily. You will instantly save on air conditioning costs during the summer because these will help keep your home shaded, but also allow sunlight into your home when you want the natural light to be there. Bahama style shutters are installed on the outside of your home and you can lift them upwards and they will work in almost the same way as awnings would, providing shade, but not covering up the windows completely. 
  3. Panel: If you are simply looking to protect your home during the chance of a storm and don't care to have shutters on the windows of your home the rest of the year, then you can consider panel style shutters. These are typically made with steel and are not made to look aesthetically pleasing since they are simply there to protect. You can remove them and store them away when you are not using them. 
  4. Plywood: Plywood shutters are shutters that are the cheapest available since plywood is much more affordable than other materials. You can even make these yourself if you want to save even more money. These are also removable from the windows when you do not need to use them and you can store them away. Simply cut plywood so that it will fit into the window itself and install one locking barrel bolt to each of the four sides. You will need to screw four holes around your window for these barrel bolt locks to fit into.

When you know what types of storm shutters you can choose from, you can determine what the best option would be for your home.