2 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Windows

Posted on: 4 February 2016

A very rewarding home remodel involves installing new windows. It is a smart decision because it can increase the value of your home and give both the inside and outside a new style. However, not all window products are one and the same. Some are more cost-effective and more practical, while others are more expensive but considered to be more stylish. One of the best window materials that is both stylish and practical is vinyl. This article explains why vinyl is such a popular material for residential windows.

Vinyl Is Water Resistant

Moisture is a huge issue when it comes to windows. The exterior can be effected by rain, sprinklers, and condensation. Of course, you also need to worry about the effects of using liquid cleaners on your frames. But this not really a concern with vinyl. You can treat your vinyl just like the glass pane. In fact, you can even clean it with the exact same liquid. The exterior side of your frame can be sprayed down with a hose. The fact that vinyl is water resistant means that it is also easy to clean and maintain over the lifetime of the window.

Vinyl Is Made in Many Styles

Some customers mistakenly think of vinyl as a plastic-like material that is white and shiny. In reality, vinyl can be ordered in nearly any color imaginable, and it can be produced in various textures. Most homeowners prefer a matte finish because it gives the frame a more natural look. If you want an even more natural look, you can order a window with a faux print. Homeowners commonly choose a window with a wooden print. These look best on homes with wood floors or ceiling beams. The prints are very convincing, but you can tell that they are not real wood when you take a close look. It is really a matter of personal preference and whether you can find a wood to match the existing elements in your home.

There are a handful of other reasons that homeowners might choose vinyl windows. They are easy to maintain and operate. They are definitely a great low-maintenance option for homeowners who don't want the hassle of wooden or metal windows. They are also reasonably priced, but the real saving will come when you don't need to spend any money on maintenance over the years. Contact a representative from a company like Gilkey Windows for further information.