Do Your Old Windows Look Like They Need Replaced? What To Know

Posted on: 2 February 2016

If you're considering new windows because your current windows are decades old, it makes sense to get entirely new windows and not just pieces. Some people will try to replace just the glass or to keep the glass and reuse the frames, but this can be inefficient and a waste of money.

There are many benefits to replacing everything at once when you're ready to update your home. Here are a few things to talk about with the window replacement company when they come to your home to give you a quote.

Are the Window Panes Rotted?

Over time the wood from the window pane will start to absorb moisture in the air which causes it to warp and shift. The moist wood will rot over time, and rotting wood attracts insects like termites, carpenter ants and more. If the window panes rotted it has to come out and be replaced, and you want the wood hauled off the property right away. New window panes are the only way to go in this situation.

Can I Add Insulation?

If the windows are already out of the walls and there are large spaces, it's the best time to add new insulation to the exterior walls. You can install your own fiberglass insulation before the new windows are put in, or you can have a company come and blow fiberglass insulation throughout the walls. This helps improve the heating and cooling bills while protecting the interior of the home and the new windows from moisture.

What Efficient Options Do I Need?

When you start to look at new windows you'll see there are many options. Windows that meet the Energy Star approval will be efficient for the home, and you should look into windows that have tint or glazing. The UV protection also protects the upholstery and fabrics in your home.

By replacing the old windows and putting in new options you're increasing the efficiency of your home and you may qualify for a state or federal tax rebate. Talk with the window contractor about any other changes you may have to make to prepare for the new window installation. Your old windows could be causing moisture and pests in the home, and they could be causing your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket every month. Talk with the window experts and get to the bottom of your window problems right away. If you need help with your windows, contact a company such as Distinctive Siding & Window.